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In compliance with the Data Privacy Act (DPA) 2012, and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) effective since September 8, 2016 we would like to ask for your express consent to gather personal information in relation to the products, services and benefits that we and our affiliates offer to all our valued clients. As such, you hereby agree and authorize ROVEXEPRESS group to: 

1. Collect and continue to use your personal and social media information to process services and administer the benefits as stated in the terms of your membership. 

2. Retain your information starting from your shipping  period ten years thereafter or at such time that you submit to us a written cancellation of this consent, whichever is earlier. You agree that your information will be deleted/destroyed after this period. 

3. Share your information to affiliates and necessary third parties for any legitimate business purpose. You are assured that security systems are employed to protect your info and privacy. 

4. Inform you of the future customer campaigns and base its offers using the personal information you shared with ROVEXEPRESS. You also acknowledge and warrant that you have acquired the consent from all parties relevant to this consent from all parties relevant to this consent and hold free and harmless and indemnify ROVEXEPRESS from any complaint, suit or damages which any party may file or claim in relation to my consent.


1.) All payments are due upon receipt – Shipping fee will be paid by the client in the amount agreed upon by the client at the time of dropping by the parcels. Once processed the shipper is responsible for payment.

2.) If the payment is not received or payment method is declined, the customer forfeits the ownership of any package/parcels.

3.) If no payment is received, no package will be shipped.

4.) The package may be cancelled up until payment has been processed. 


1.) Items does not contain cash, cash equivalent or any valuable goods greater than the declared value(or market value whichever is lower.)

2.) If the package is lost or damage during shipping and found that ROVEXEPRESS is liable after investigation (7 working days), the total cost of package (declared value or market value whichever is lower) including the shipping fee will be refunded to the client.

3.) ROVEX is not liable for any delays, loss or damaged parcel/s caused by the following: Fortuitous event, acts of nature, improper packaging, improper labeling and content, acts of war, strike and rebellion.

4.) Shippers are required to pay an insurance fee of 2% of declared value of the parcel.

5.) Parcel does not contain any other items, which ROVEXEPRESS decides cannot be carried safely or legally.

6.) Parcel does not contain any contraband item, counterfeit goods, animals, bullions, currency, banderols, tax stickers, bearer from negotiable instruments, precious metals and stones, real or imitation firearms, parts thereof, weapons, explosives and ammunition, human remains, pornography and illegal narcotic drugs.

7.) the packing is NOT defective or inadequate.

8.) ROVEXEPRESS has the right to open and inspect the parcels without prior notice, upon suspicion.

9.) ROVEXEPRESS has the right to refuse delivery if larger than/packed/above 20kgs.

10.) In the event, that receiver is unavailable to receive the package at drop off point the package is RTS. Rovex’s will have 2 delivery attempts, failure to receive the item/s will be considered as RTS after the 2nd attempt and will be delivered back to sender. RTS is paid by the sender 

11.) In case of Loss, Spoilage and damage of items for delivery, ROVEXEPRESS shall only be liable for declared value or current market value, which ever is lower, but not exceeding PHP 3,0000 only. In case there is no declared value of the item, ROVEXEPRESS shall only reimburse the client with delivery fee.

12.) ROVEXEPRESS is responsible to warrant the item/s from the point of pick up and up to the point of delivery only.

13.) Sender authorized ROVEXEPRESS to give shipment to any person in the delivery destination who is legal of age, incase of absence of the receiver/ consignee.

14.) ROVEXEPRESS will not be liable for delays caused buy the absence of the receiver at the delivery destination.

15.) Sender should indicate if FRAGILE items are for shipment. Damages and spoilage due to non indication can not make ROVEXEPRESS liable.

16.) all information written in this waybill is true and correct.

17.) Packages are entitled to be refunded or returned based on complaint. If an item is damaged during shipping a replacement item will be sent free of charge. If the package is unmanufactured a written explanation is needed before the package may be considered for refund. Clients must take into account the description of the item before requesting a refund. 

18). Any complaints about the packages or shippers may be sent to our email account: or call 0905-192-3340. There is no guarantee of resolution. Each case will be looked at individually, and the shipper will be contact as well.

19.) The courier is not responsible for any health and safety concerns once the consignee received the package. If any harm is incurred from the package purchased by the consignee, ROVEX has no responsibility.

These terms and conditions are subject to change.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.